The Conscious Side: N*Gg*R - Swiss

On the other side of the pond, the UK, it's pretty much political season every day but it's been a while since I've heard a song so honest and blunt. Normally you have to be in the grime scene or listen to American hip hop to get an honest opinion about the reality of being black in the diaspora...

Finally Some Inspiration!: Tha Suspect ft Fela Kuti

I hope you are having a brilliant start to the new year. I wake up every morning sit at my desk and there is a list of things I need to complete before this year ends, in BOLD letters. I have no choice but to fulfil all those goals.

Android Time

Thursday, October 30th 2014
Android Time

The sluggish reminder of dawn peered through my heavy eyelids and I had no choice but to wake up. I rolled over towards the left side of my bed, feeling around for a phone and sure enough it made a loud beeping noise, twice, indicating the battery was low. I looked at the time, it was exactly 15 minutes until my alarm would go off.


Travellin' man don't wander too far...
Listened to I'm Not a Saint. Perfect.

OMO 2014 IS HERE!!!

Just before piling myself and a friend onto a packed bus around 3 am in the morning, we conversed with a random person by the bus stop. This is a normal occurrence on a new years day, on any other day in London town this would be an annoyance. We dubbed 2013 'doomsy' and looked forward to a promising year.

This Christmas

...meant very little to me and it has been this way for several years now. Anything associated with Christianity has become a tolerable existence between myself and my family. My devout Christian mother prays every morning for my salvation and every time I walk past her mumbling her prayers, it worries me. I start to question why I felt it was remotely sensible once upon a time to announce my non-religious beliefs and why I regard the constant invites to church as insults.